and other harrowing tales

Haunting, varied, and superbly written, Dog Boy and Other Harrowing Tales is a collection of stories that are immersed in the Gothic tradition while told in a modern and inventive way.    Knitting together the ordinary, the extraordinary, and the supernatural, Dog Boy is a boldly imagined literary work by a masterful new storyteller.

seeing Emmott torn apart like that could have made any man stop dead in his tracks.  But I ran.  I ran faster than those hounds gaining speed and strength over their dog boy.

It was a nightmare that followed me from place to place, like an old bed cap one pulls out of a drawer when settling down for the night.  On the eve of the wedding I awoke, fretful, in our room at the hotel, my sister sleeping

Dog Boy
and Other Harrowing Tales
Erica-Lynn Huberty

There are all manner of unknowable things, even if they are only the lonely fairy spells

and ghouls of childhood…

At the end of the first World War, a group of friends gather at a former Robber Baron estate on Eastern Long Island, only to learn the house itself holds a monstrous secret.

In present-day Vermont, a woman is tormented by a choice that has shocking, and haunting, repercussions.  

A Parisian cemetery in the mid-20th century, is home to the ghosts of two centuries of poets, artists, and composers, the specters of a homeless woman’s past, and the jolting reality of the modern world. 

In a Montana prison in 1988, a new dog training program goes awry with horrifying results